About Us

Our Story


Rusconi Pizza is named after the Rusconi brothers (Domenick and Pete) – two local businessmen who took over their father’s seed store in our pizza pub’s location back in 1917. The childless brothers realized there’d be no descendants to carry on their family name and requested to have the alley adjacent to them named “Rusconi Place.” Pete Rusconi is commemorated as saying, “We don’t have any kids and in another five years this whole block will be new; I’ll guess we’ll retire then, but ‘Rusconi Place’ will remain to show that we passed this way.”  Rusconi Pizza pays tribute to this Cincinnati heritage story and to all of those who pass through our doors to say “Hello,” toast to friends, and grab a delicious slice.

Weekly Entertainment


We feature an array of entertainment options ranging from live acoustic music during Happy Hour to late night sets from some of the top DJ's in the city! 

Handmade Dough


We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we make our pizza dough daily from scratch to ensure the best tasting pies around!